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Interview with Kelly Cousineau

Life Coach Report | Interview With a Coach | Kelly Cousineau | Conquer Change Coach
Life Coach Report checks in on one of our coaches this week. A word from our fellow travelers is inspiring, helping us stay current with the ever forward leaning field of Coaching. It's always a good time when we connect to share our stories giving us a great opportunity to grow our energy and camaraderie.

This week we are privileged to visit with Kelly Cousineau!

Interview With a Coach | Kelly Cousineau

Hi Kelly,

What brought you to coaching?

Coaching was a natural transition from my consulting work with manufacturing companies the past thirty years. I’d always wanted to find a way to serve small to medium-sized companies and coaching allows the internal leaders to implement their improvements instead of an outsider.

Where do you see yourself impacting others in coaching?

My passion and purpose in life is to Empower People to Find Joy in Their Work**. Face it, many of us spend more time at our work than we do at home. I believe anybody can experience fulfillment and success in their current role, and that results in joy.

When leaders find joy in their work, my hope is they’ll want others to experience similar joy.

** I define work as using your gifts and talents to serve others. It isn’t always through a job.

What niche(s) do you thrive in?

Manufacturing! During college, I was a co-op student and accumulated two years of experience before graduation. I’ve held several positions in manufacturing and most of my consulting work has been serving leaders in manufacturing.

How has coaching impacted you personally?

I’ve hit many walls as I’ve been expanding and rebranding my business to include coaching. I’m amazed at the number of challenges I’ve overcome in my ability to manage myself, add and improve new skills, and find joy in my own work! The road hasn’t been easy, but I’m hoping this makes me more credible and compassionate as I work with other seasoned leaders.