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Interview with Alissa Taglione

Life Coach Report | Interview With a Coach | Alissa Taglione | Vivant Coaching
Life Coach Report checks in on one of our coaches this week. A word from our fellow travelers is inspiring, helping us stay current with the ever forward leaning field of Coaching. It's always a good time when we connect to share our stories giving us a great opportunity to grow our energy and camaraderie.

This week we are privileged to visit with Alissa Taglione!

Interview With a Coach | Alissa Taglione

Hi Alissa,

What brought you to coaching?

My personal journey really brought me to coaching. In 2012 after a car accident it was recommended that I see someone for EMDR treatment. The practitioner I found, also happened to be a Life Coach.

Life Coaching to me is really a missing piece of the puzzle as far as the process between diagnosis and moving forward. There is a place where those of us who aren’t neurologically “normal” are medicated and stable, but we want more for our lives. I think that's where coaching kind of picks it up and brings us into the future and away from the past, where traditional counseling and therapy tend to reside.

Where do you see yourself impacting others in coaching?

I think the most profound impact for most people is really being heard. I truly believe in the wholeness of my clients and that they ultimately know what is best for them, but it does help to have someone along the way, point out “hey, is that true about you?” or “have you ever thought of that event in a different way?”

We are wired from the beginning and trained in other people’s opinions of who we should be and what we should do. For those of us who don’t traditionally fit into that mold, it can be difficult to overcome those narratives, and I think my clients knowing that there is space for them too, is a huge help.

What niche(s) do you thrive in?

Millennial women transitioning in their career or becoming mothers, I also specializes in those who have experienced trauma.

How has coaching impacted you personally?

Coaching has effected me profoundly.

I now better manage anxiety, stress, and my relationships with other people so much better. I have a better sense of who I am and my self-worth. I am now future focused rather than past, and I’m healthier than I have ever been.

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