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Interview with Romy Weiss

Life Coach Report | Interview With a Coach | Romy Weiss
Life Coach Report checks in on one of our coaches this week. A word from our fellow travelers is inspiring, helping us stay current with the ever forward leaning field of Coaching. It's always a good time when we connect to share our stories, giving us a great opportunity to grow our energy and camaraderie.

This week we are privileged to visit with Romy Weiss!

Romy S. Weiss, CPCC, MBA | Career Strategist & Certified Professional/Life Coach

Hi Romy,

What brought you to coaching?

Funny you ask. A few years ago, at a dinner party the question at the table was, “What would you do if you won the mega-million dollar lottery. Would you go to work on Monday?”

Everyone had various answers. Mine was an emphatic, NO! Yet my husband’s was an absolute, YES!

For the two of us to be so distinctly different made me truly stop and think. I wanted to be that passionate about what I did and it was at that moment that I realized, I wasn’t any longer... and I wanted to be! This led me down a road of self-exploration and discovery for “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Here I was in my 40's and trying to figure it out. How could I take the parts of my career that I loved and was good at and combine that with my purpose, education and skill sets (like problem-solving, strategizing, managing transitions, creating order out of chaos and time management) and my other passions; most importantly wanting to help others.

I have always been the go-to person for friends and family. When anyone is trying to figure out what to do next, how to do it, whatever the situation, it’s Romy to the rescue! Could I truly find fulfillment at work and the find the balance I was striving for?

The answer is YES!

During this career transitions journey, I found professional coaching. I realized that the parts of my current job I loved were where I was coaching, yet I still wanted to have professional training in the field, so I went back and participated in the Coaches Training Institute's professional training program and certification.

When I went to the first weekend course, it was like I had found my calling. I knew this was what I was meant to be doing. And if asked now what I would do if I won the lottery, I would still go to work!

Where do you see yourself impacting others in coaching?

When my clients first start to believe in themselves that is so amazing. That is the first step in helping them make changes and achieve goals. First, they have to believe they can do it.

Regardless of what they what to accomplish they need to believe they can do it. They have to find a way to access their inner resources and build their confidence. That is where we start.

Once they have that, we can go anywhere and achieve their desired success. So I truly believe professional coaches, myself included, impact others by holding the mirror up, we help people hold themselves accountable and actually remember that taking care of yourself matters and counts. That it is okay to put your own needs first or even just on the list.

What niche(s) do you thrive in?

While I am trained holistically so that my clients can bring any topic to the table and we can work together to address it, I focus on career transitions and work/life balance.

I enable, guide and empower adults who are overloaded and overwhelmed at a career crossroads to change, reinvent, return to, or advance their careers so that they find work/life balance and achieve their desired success. I teach tools and provide resources. A full comprehensive job search strategy roadmap.

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